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Engineered Vs Solid

Engineered FloorEngineered Wood Floors are those floors which are manufactured by gluing layers of various species of wood together.  Each layer is placed with the grain running in an alternate direction to the next.  This process creates an extremely strong product which is highly resistant to cracking or cupping.  Engineered floors are ideal for homes where high moisture is an issue (i.e. homes near the water) or on concrete slabs.


Solid FloorSolid Wood Floors are those floors which are the same species of wood from top to bottom.  These floors are frequently used in new construction and remodeling applications.  Historically the advantage of a solid floor has been the large wear surface.  The wear surface is the thickness of the floor from the face, or walking surface, down to the tongue or groove of the flooring.  Today, however, many engineered floors are increasing their wear surfaces to levels comparable to the solids.