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Face Widths

StripStrip Flooring typically refers to floors which are 2 ¼” wide.  This is the face width traditionally used by home builders.  These days, however, many builders are choosing wider widths to distinguish their homes and create a more upscale look.  Strip flooring is ideal for smaller rooms because the proportions work better.




PlankPlank Flooring typically refers to floors which are 3” or wider.  These widths allow the homeowner to view more of the wood’s natural characteristics.  This is particularly true for species like Pine and Australian Cypress because it allows you to see whole knots vs. half knots.  Narrow widths often look busy on species like these.  On lower grades of Walnut and American Cherry, it helps to accentuate the distinction between the heart and sapwood which creates an incredible looking floor. 



Floor Colors

Light FloorLight Colored Flooring will brighten any room, and often more importantly, help create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.  Light colored floors particularly appropriate in beach homes because they show sand scratches less than a dark floor.  Light floors work well when creating a contemporary style home.







Medium FloorMedium Colored Flooring adds a sense of warmth and coziness to a room.  The shades and looks available in this color family are almost endless.  Medium colored floors work well when creating a traditional style home.





Dark FloorDark Colored Flooring is great for creating a more formal look in a room.  Ideally, room sizes should be fairly large or have good lighting to prevent them from looking too dark or small.