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Spiritual Thoughts

I guess you're wondering what you'll find here. This is where I, Jim Simpson, share my thoughts and chronicle the challenges and blessings of running a business for Christ. Additionally, as I scan the business horizon, I don't see very many businesses that appear to combine their faith with their business. Therefore, I suspect I have an unusual perspective that may be of interest to others.

The first topic I would like to address, is our mutual need for accountability and growth. If you are the CEO of a business, then you are the leader of your employees. You have an obligation to provide the vision for your company, and you have an opportunity to minister (I don't mean preach) to their needs. The second item is not a perspective that comes naturally to most business people. We are naturally so focused on paying the bills, that we don't even consider the opportunity we have to influence our employees lives. Many believers think that God would want them to work their forty years, retire, and then become a missionary. Consider this...You're business is your ministry. He's blessed you with the ability to run a business, and He's placed your employees under your influence for a reason.

I believe having a group of people or at least a couple of close friends who hold each other accountable in business helps in leadership development. A few years ago, I was involved in The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. The thing I liked immediately about FCCI was that it was a group of like-minded individuals. Each member was involved in running a company, so I benefited from discovering how they solve many of the same problems I have as a business owner. But most importantly, I found a group of people who are motivated to understand how they can involve God in their business. These are people who know that in order to be their most effective they need to be learning and growing. They find value in the accountability and wisdom provided by other, possibly, more mature believers. They understand that the sharpened axe is more efficient, and requires less effort, than the dull axe. They see the value of partnering with God in the daily operation of their businesses. I encourage you to look for an opportunity to become involved in a similar organization for growth and accountability.

God Bless,

Jim Simpson

On February 2, 2007, Jim suffered a stroke. It has been a difficult year, but one also filled with evidence of God’s miracles along the way. Jim is a strong believer and his determination is inspiring. I expect Jim to make a full recovery but until then, at Woodboys we are trying to continue serving our customers as Jim would have it: “My aim is to honor God through my business.”

Donna Simpson